Sure-fire Booty Blasting Exercises

Since I started training a while back, I’ve heard my fair share (mostly from women), about wanting action figure-like buns of steel. The sad story is that there’s no easy way to fill out your jeans. Make these sure-fire booty blasting exercises a priority in your workouts and I can almost guarantee that you will see the results that you want.

The same goes for men. It’s crazy to see how many guys in the gym go straight to the dumbbells and do a whole workout that consists of nothing but various types of bicep curls. What they don’t realize is that training your legs will strengthen your ENTIRE body. Not just that one tiny muscle hanging off the front of your arm. Get it together!

Ladies skip over this paragraph please. I want to share a little secret with my guy friends: Bro! if you train nothing but your upper body you’re going to look like a hot mess. I’m not a girl, but I know one thing. They don’t think it’s attractive when your arms look like Robocop, and your legs look like they haven’t been used since 1959.

Now that we got all that out of the way, start doing these exercises more often to get the results that you really want:

1 – Squat

The squat can be done as a bodyweight exercise, or with a barbell on your back to add resistance.

It’s almost a total body movement, and most fitness professionals would agree that it should be one of the main lifts that your workout program is built around.

The main muscles that are working in this lift are the glutes and the quads. That’s exactly what you want when trying to shape those buns and thighs.

2 – Lunges

Walking lunges are basically the same technique as the back squat, except the force is concentrated on one leg. You can do various different exercises with the lunge.

The russian hop is basically a lunge with a hop in between. You can do body weight lunges if you’re outside the gym, or you can add weight by holding onto dumbbells or placing a barbell on your back.

This exercise is so versatile that you can do it literally anywhere.

3 – Deadlift

The main joint that’s moving in this exercise is the hips. Basically all the muscles in the hips are involved when the joint flexes and extends. Those muscles include the hamstrings, glutes, and erector spinae in the back.

Like the squat, it produces mass strength and requires the total body to get involved, especially when you’re using a lot of weight.

4 – Glute Bridge

This isometric exercise forces the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and other core muscles to contract in unison.

This is a great exercise to build up initial strength before adding weight onto the other main lifts. I usually hold this position for a few minutes, or until I just can’t anymore. You can make it a lot harder by adding a weight plate to your mid section.

5 – Front Squat

This exercise has similar technique to the back squat. The only thing that’s different is where the weight is held. Since the weight is on the front of your body, it forces your posterior core muscles to get involved more so your posture stays strong.

Don’t keep walking around unhappy with loose jeans on and weak legs. Make these 5 sure-fire booty blasting exercises the main priority in your workouts. If you liked this article, please share it on facebook. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Take a look at the 6 ways to improve your pull-up strength immediately.

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