4 Tips To Carrying A Backpack Without Hurting Your Back

People have been carrying backpacks for centuries, but in recent years chronic back pain has become a real nuisance to society. Part of the reason is because of obesity and inactivity. But another huge factor in back pain is how we carry backpacks. You might not think they’re that big of a deal, but think about this……what do you carry your books in everyday that you’re at school? What do you carry while you travel? While you go hiking? When you go to the gym? Backpacks play a huge role in our lives, and if we don’t use them correctly they can cause a lot of pain. That’s why I’m writing this article to give you 4 tips to carrying a backpack without hurting your back.

1 – Carry 15% Of Your Bodyweight…At MOST!

The recommended carrying weight for a backpack is only 10% of your bodyweight. But you should keep a strict cap at 15%

Let’s say you weigh 150 pounds…that means the recommended limit is 15 pounds, but you should definitely not go over about 22.5 pounds. Anything heavier than that can alter your posture.

If you do that for long periods of time it can seriously hurt your back.

2 – Put The Heavy Stuff At The Bottom

Especially when traveling or hiking, you are forced to carry heavier objects than if you were just going to class.

Studies show that if you load the heavier stuff on the bottom is has a lesser effect on your spinal curvature.

How To Wear A Backpack

3 – Even Everything Out

When you’re loading a bag up, place an even amount of weight on the right and left sides. Studies show that this tactic reduces lateral spinal motion.

The same should go for tote bags, but we’ll get into those next.

4 – Always Double Strap It

The neck is a major weak point in the spinal column. Studies show 2omen are more susceptible to injury in that area, as well as people who sit a lot.

To take pressure off the neck area always place both straps of a backpack over your shoulder. It allows you to place the load evenly across both upper trap muscles.

If you absolutely have to carry a travelers bag or a tote, just switch sides frequently, and keep the load light.

School Backpack

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