8 Exercises That Will Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

When the world as we know it ends…..the zombies, looters, and anarchists will all come out to play. To survive that mess you’ll have to be in the best shape of your life. Just to be on the safe side you might want to start doing these 8 exercises that will help you survive the zombie apocalypse. Who knows, maybe you’ll even save all of humanity like Noah did a few thousand years ago.

1 – Car Push

Pushing a car might seem a little unorthodox, but it’ll probably be quite normal during the apocalypse. When you find a quality zombie-proof car, you’ll definitely want to keep it. First, you’ll probably have to push it to the nearest source of gas.

You can simulate this pushing motion really effectively with a prowler. You have to have some major leg and shoulder strength, and a ton of stamina.

This exercise is also great for building strength to push heavy doors closed…..and keep them closed, as the zombies try to break them down.

Car Push

2 – Bent Over Row

A bow n’ arrow or a crossbow would be two really effective weapon choices for the end of the world. Why? Because they’re quiet!

The only down side is that you’ll spend a lot of energy and strength constantly pulling the bow string back. You gotta have a really strong grip and upper back. The perfect exercise for that is the bent over row.

Bent Over Row

3 – Wood Chop

There probably won’t be any electricity so you’ll have to be able to chop plenty fire wood. Use the woodchopper to build up your core strength and technique with an axe…….Sorry you’ll have to figure out how to actually start the fire on your own.

This same motion applies when you get stuck in the middle of a hoard of zombies and have to mow them down with your katana….you’re welcome!

Wood Chop

4 – Pull-ups

The pull-up is definitely your best bet for developing arm and back strength. That’s exactly what you’ll need when it comes to climbing ladders and ropes to escape danger.


5 – Tire Flip

The tire flip is kind of like a hybrid between the deadlift and the power clean.

It will get your whole body as strong as an ox. Not to mention you’ll be able to save your friends from fallen beams and other compromised building parts that may trap them.

Tire Flip

6 – Suicide Sprints

One of the most effective ways to run sprints is in a suicide formation. Some people also refer to them as “ladder sprints”.

Basically a suicide consists of running from one line to another, and on each progressive sprint the lines get farther and farther apart.

For example, on a football field you would start out at the end zone. To complete one sprint you would go to the 10 yard line and back. The next one would be to the 20 yard line, then the 30 yard line…..and so on.

It’s a consistent run with no breaks. It will work on your sprint speed and stamina, depending on how long you decide to make the suicide.

During the zombie apocalypse you’ll constantly be on the move. A lot of times it will be an all out sprint so you better get used to it.

Suicide Sprints

7 – Fireman Carry

A fireman carry is basically like a piggyback ride, except in a real life situation the person will probably be either badly hurt or completely limp.

If they are unconscious or unable to hold onto you, you’ll have to weave your arm through one of their legs and then grab a hold of one of their arms.

It’s comparable to carrying a human sized backpack. Except there’s no convenient shoulder straps….and no school books either.

Fireman Carry

8 – Battle Rope Slams

Battle ropes are really versatile. You can use thick rope, old fire hose, or even chains to do this workout.

In the squatted position you have to move your arms up and down, side to side, or in big circles as explosively as you can.

This exercise will get your shoulders super strong and build up a ton of endurance. And like I said before. You should probably get used to gripping a rope. You never know what kind of situation you’ll find yourself in.

Battle Rope

When the apocalypse happens these 8 exercises will help you stay alive and kicking. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please take a second to go share it on facebook. I bet you’ll also like 10 Outrageous Fitness Rules That Should Be Enforced.

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