5 Fat Burning Substances In Food That You Should Add To Your Diet

Fat burning supplements have been very popular in recent years. The supplement industry can be very unreliable and expensive. A cheap way to get fat burners into your system are through real foods. This way you’re not breaking the bank, and you also know exactly what you are putting into your body. Here are 5 fat burning substances that you should add to your diet.


Many people get their caffeine by throwing back a cup of coffee in the morning , or 7. It can also be found in green tea, and other teas. Either way, it’s a great way to get your metabolism jump started. Not to mention it will give you the energy to get to the gym or anywhere else you want to go to get a great workout. Studies have also shown that people who have taken caffeine before working out have oxidized fat a lot better than people who have not. That means that caffeine can help make your body use fat as an energy source before the glycogen stores in your muscles. Be careful because caffeine has a tendency to make you excrete more body fluids, so make sure you keep yourself hydrated well. If you take too much it can also make you jittery, sluggish, and even hinder recovery from your workouts.


Fiber can be found in many different plant foods like fruits and vegetables and grains. There is no fiber in meat. On average people in the U.S consume about 12g per day but 20-35g are recommended. Fiber rich foods will help keep you feeling fuller over a longer period of time , so you are less likely to snack on bad foods. It will also force your body to excrete waste from your intestines quicker so there is less time for your body to digest unwanted calories and fats. Fiber also can help control blood glucose, insulin, and cholesterol levels.  The best way to take in fiber is through real food. Fiber supplements are not as effective. Be careful when increasing your daily fiber intake. Start off slow to let your stomach and intestines get used to it. If you go too fast you can get cramps, bloating and gas.

Insulin Managers

Grapefruit, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper all have a component that can classify them as insulin managers. They have been shown to decrease insulin and blood sugar levels in the body by increasing glucose metabolism. Because these foods have properties that act like insulin, your body makes less and has a higher sensitivity. It is important to keep a high sensitivity to insulin to metabolize blood sugars efficiently. Extra blood sugars that are not used for energy are stored as fat in the  body. Insulin managing foods help prevent diabetes which is a serious mismanagement of insulin in your body. Diabetics have a consistently high level of insulin and blood sugars. Diabetes and too much body fat usually go hand in hand. Studies have shown that these foods help lose fat and decrease insulin levels which can prevent serious health failures.  The bottom line is……grapefruit, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper are an extremely easy and cheap way to add natural fat burners to your diet.


Antioxidants keep cells healthy and prevent them from deteriorating. They also fight against free radicals and other unhealthy chemicals in the body. Fat cells are notorious for storing toxins and chemicals that we ingest. If you do not have enough antioxidants in your body to eliminate toxins, your body may store body fat as a protective measure. If you hit a plateau in your fat loss this may be a reason. Some popular foods that are high in antioxidants are dark chocolate, red wine, and fruits like blueberries.

resistant starch

Resistant Starch can be found in many different beans like chickpeas, lentils, navy beans, butter beans, etc. They are digested in the colon as opposed to the smaller intestine. Studies have supported that by replacing a portion of your carb intake by foods containing resistant starch, it will make burning fat much easier. Because these starches are not digested in the traditional way, it forces the body to burn fat as its primary source of energy.  Even one meal a day with these resistant starches can have a positive effect on fat loss.

If you don’t want to spend a truck load of money at the supplement store on fat burners get the same effect through your daily meals. Use these 5 fat burning substances in food that you should add to your diet and tweet at us with any benefits that you have noticed. If you have any questions check out our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

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