5 Things You Should Know About Gym Etiquette

The gym may seem like nothing but a mess of sweat, grunting, and moving weight around. There is, however, a culture of unwritten rules that you should know and follow if you want to get along with other gym members and make friends. Gym etiquette is very similar in most gym settings, but it can vary a little depending where you are. Get yourself familiar with these 5 things you should know about gym etiquette.

share equipment

Share The Equipment

I know all of you have been brought up to share and be considerate. In the gym when you are using a machine or dumb bells it is always proper to step away from them in between sets so that other people can “work in” with you. Ever so often someone may approach you and ask if they can “work in” which means they just want to use whatever you have when you are resting in between sets. The only equipment that you don’t have to worry about sharing is a barbell. Since barbells have to be constantly loaded and unloaded people usually wait until they are done being used. In any case you don’t want to spend all day on any piece of equipment while you’re talking on the phone or chatting with others at the gym.

bring a towel

Bring A Towel

Even though sharing is the thing to do with gym equipment, no one wants your sweat. Always bring a towel to the gym and wipe down the equipment that you use. There is nothing worse than sitting in a pool of someone else’s sweat. If you forget a towel most gyms supply paper towels, or just use an extra shirt.

put your weights away

Put Your Weights Away

When you are using free weights – dumb bells or plates that you put on each end of barbells, always make sure to put them back in the correct spot. Dumb bells are always racked in order of weight so find the correct spot and put them back so others can easily find the weight they need. When you’re done with a barbell take all of the plates off and put them back. It’s not as crucial to put plates in the same exact spot that you got them from because usually there are many places around the gym that they are stored. If someone is waiting to use your barbell, you can always ask them if they want you to leave some weight on the bar. That will save you the hassle of having to un-rack the whole bar, and they will appreciate not having to put some plates on.

keep your clothes on

Keep Your Clothes On

This is mostly for the guys out there that can’t seem to keep their shirts on. Gyms have different policy on shirts. Almost all franchise gyms like LA fitness, Anytime fitness, etc. will make you keep a shirt on at all times. People sometimes break that rule when they are feeling too sexy for their clothes, but someone usually comes around pretty quickly to ask them to put their shirt back on. If you are at a privately owned gym make sure you know their policy before showing off your six pack. Some private gyms will not mind if there are no women around. I’m sure many of the women wouldn’t mind, but it’s just a respect factor. Crossfit gyms are probably the only place that no one cares whether your shirt is on your body, the floor, or wrapped around your head.

the locker room isn't your house

The Locker Rooms Are Not Your House

Most gyms have lockers or at least cubbies to put your things. They are for your own convenience, not a chance for you to move in and claim a plot of land to squat on. Leave your gym bag in your locker while you workout but clean everything out before you go, unless you get permission from the gym. You might find your stuff missing if you don’t. Gyms usually clean out lockers at the end of the day. While you are changing in front of your locker, try not to sprawl out in front of 7 different lockers so no one else has a place to change. If you are going to shower after your workout, take a glance at who else might be wanting to shower and see how many showers are open. If there is a lot of traffic then try not to stand under the hot water for 45 minutes just thinking about all the wonders of the world.

These 5 things you should know about gym etiquette will help you get along with others and make friends in the gym. If you see people in the gym that don’t do these or other things, share this on your facebook and tell us about it.

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