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SteadyStrength provides you with all the information that you could possibly need to get healthy and fit, so I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to hire a personal trainer! (that’s a joke everyone). I completely understand the role of a personal trainer and realize that the motivation from a personal trainer can help you have more efficient workouts.

The trick is to find the right one. There are a ton of bad personal trainers out there that barely have any qualifications. The motivation behind this article is to provide you with tips to finding the perfect personal trainer. Everyone has different needs so you have to find someone that fits you. It’s almost like finding the right shoe that fits.

First, let’s talk about what a personal trainer is. They are basically a motivator, educator and confidant that helps you to reach your health and fitness needs. Trainers have various levels of education. Some may only have certifications from a health organization, which they got by studying and passing a test. Others may have bachelors and masters degrees in the health science field.

They provide you with a specific workout plan that will help you reach your goals. At the same time a good personal trainer will keep you motivated to train. They should also keep you accountable for eating properly. If you trust your personal trainer they should act as a personal confidant whom you can talk to about things that stress you out. After all, mental health is also a part of overall fitness.

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Second, you need to familiarize yourself with the environments that these trainers work in. Every commercial gym has a hired team of personal trainers. Be very careful when looking for personal trainers there. Yes, they usually are on the cheaper side, but many lack the quality that you deserve. I have met numerous high quality trainers in those locations, but you will have to look a little harder.

Trainers also have private studios. It may cost slightly more to train with them but they are usually of a higher quality. You also have the benefit of not working out in a public location with chaos going on around you.

Now what are the qualities that the perfect personal trainer should have? You have to do your research, talk to people, and observe how they work to find out how they function. This will make all the difference so pay attention.


The very first thing you will notice is how your trainer looks. You want a trainer that knows how to take care of themselves before you trust them with taking care of you as well. Now, just because a trainer is a huge body builder, doesn’t mean that they will try and make you look like them. In reverse, if a trainer is small and extremely lean doesn’t mean they are incapable of helping you bulk up with muscle. Don’t make the mistake of believing in that misconception. Just make sure that your personal trainer looks like they know how to reach some kind of fitness goal themselves.


Some trainers take a 3 day weekend course and get a certificate which enables them to train in gyms and tell people how to workout safely. Others have multiple degrees in health science, exercise science, kinesiology, etc. that takes years to achieve. In this case it honestly doesn’t really matter how many letters they have behind their name. Some of the best personal trainers that I know don’t have any college degree. On the other hand I have met absolutely awful trainers that have multiple college degrees.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably not a bad thing if your trainer has multiple certificates stating that they studied something. Although, a much more important factor is experience. See the product that your trainer produces. Find out how long they have been training for, who they have helped lose weight, or who they have turned into an elite athlete. Good trainers may not have a ton of accolades on paper, so you have to dig a little deeper. The people who work in this industry get most of their education through hands on learning and reading on their own. Not through exams that they studied for.


Personal trainers are people with emotions and personalities that differ just like everyone else. Some trainers are talkative, loud, and animated. Some are more reserved and quite. Neither one is necessarily a bad option. It really depends what motivates you.

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No trainer should make you feel bad about yourself or make you not want to be there. Don’t think that they won’t be firm with you and keep you accountable if you aren’t listening. But the way that they talk to you should not be like a military drill sergeant, sarcastic, etc. A personal trainer that stands out will gain your trust and respect through their personality. They should be someone that you can trust. You should be comfortable talking with them about things that are going on in your life outside the gym.


Make sure that who you choose is in it for the long haul. You don’t want a trainer that is planning on moving, changing careers, or misses appointments. Switching trainers can be a hassle and slow down your progress.

Make sure that they are also willing to meet your needs. You can’t expect them to meet outrageous demands, but they should be willing to train you in a way that is specific for your needs. For example, if you need to train in the sand or water, they should be willing to train you at the beach every once in a while. Good trainers will meet you other places besides the gym if need be.

When things change at the drop of a dime make sure the trainer is capable of adjusting. You may come to a training session very tired, hurt (from an outside event like sports), or late with little time to spare. The trainer should be able to adjust the workout at the last minute to still make some progress.

Finding the perfect personal trainer may take some time and investigation. Don’t be that person that wastes their time and money with someone who is incompetent, or doesn’t fit you. I hope these tips help you find the right one for you. If you have any other questions about finding a good personal trainer don’t hesitate to contact me. I will get back to you right away. If you liked this article, please share it on your facebook page as well.

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Adam is an athlete with a serious passion for fitness and health. He played basketball at University of Delaware and Stetson. His degree is in health science and he's a certified personal trainer who loves helping people reach their goals.