What is: Body Mass Index (BMI)

body mass index (BMI)

The body mass index, or BMI, is a formula that takes height and weight into account to grade the shape of individuals. To figure out your BMI you divide your weight in Kilograms by your height in Meters squared:
BMI= mass (kg) / (height (m))²
A normal healthy BMI is 18.5 – 25, up to 30 is overweight, and anything above that is considered obese. The only problem with BMI is that it is geared toward the average population. It does not take into account lean muscle mass. This means that a very muscular football player who weighs a lot can easily be considered overweight or obese on this scale, when in fact, they have a very low body fat percentage and great health. To apply this formula to your life you have to consider if you have any characteristics that are out of the norm. For example if you are an athlete, or you are taller, shorter, or more muscular than the average person, use this scale with that in mind. If you have an average height and musculature then this scale can accurately give you a body reading.

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