What is: Dips


The dip is a triceps, shoulder, and chest exercise that involves raising and lowering your body using two bars to grip with your hands. Most gyms have a “machine” called a dip bar that is meant specifically for this exercise.

If you have never done the dip exercise before, I suggest you start off by having someone spot you by holding your feet. If you are by yourself you can use a chair, bench, or in this case a tall bucket. Basically as you perform the dip you place your feet on the bucket so you can push off of it with your legs for help.

When you build up enough strength in your arms to the point where you don’t need a spotter, you can do dips with your own bodyweight. First, you need to climb up onto the dip bars so that your arms are straight and your triceps are flexed. Lower yourself as far as you can. The full range of motion is the point where your shoulders are lower than your elbows. Push yourself back up with your chest sticking outwards.

To make the exercise more difficult, you can use many different tools, but the most common ways implement a resistance band, or a dumbbell. You can place the resistance band around the handles, and then put it around your neck. You can also cross your legs and hold the dumbbell in between your feet. The technique of the exercise should remain the same.

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