What is: Lifting Belt

Lifting Belt

The lifting belt has been traditionally used by olympic lifters and powerlifters. It has increased in popularity among recreational lifters.The purpose of the belt is to protect the lower back and abdominal cavity while heavy weight is being lifted. The belt is meant to be worn very tight so it can help keep proper body posture.

While lifting weight overhead it prevents bending backwards (hyperextension of the back). It also prevents hernias from occurring in the abdominal cavity wall. By wearing this device, the muscles of the back and abdominals don’t have to work as hard to hold proper posture.

Overuse of the lifting belt can weaken the core because it decreases the amount of work that the abs and back muscles have to do. The core muscles act as a natural belt that protects the posture, spine, and internal organs. It is important to strengthen the core especially if you choose to use a belt while resistance training.

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