What is: Mountain Climber

mountain climber

The mountain climber is an exercise that works the core muscles like the abs and hip flexors. It also works the cardiovascular system depending on the length of time and intensity that you perform the exercise. Mountain climbers can be used in a dynamic warm-up. You can also do this in between lifts to elevate your heart rate, or as part of a core strengthening routine.

To perform this exercise start in the push up position. Your abs should be flexed for the duration of the exercise. Alternate driving your knees towards your chest in an explosive movement. You should strive to touch your knees to your elbows in order to move in the full range of motion. This can also work on hip mobility while you train your core strength and endurance.

This exercise is most effective when you do it for relatively short periods of time at a high intensity. Between 30 seconds and 2 minutes is the ideal time frame depending on your fitness level.

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