What is: Paleo Meal


In this Paleo meal shrimp, chicken, steak, and vegetable kabobs are grilled. The Paleo diet consists of mostly animal proteins, vegetables, and fruits. If you want to learn more details about the diet check out:

The Paleo Diet Revealed

To prepare chicken to grill, first rinse the meat deep in the sink so that the water doesn’t spray bacteria everywhere. Then carefully cut off the white rubbery fat and cut the lean chicken into small cubes.

Steak should be prepared in a similar way. When you’re picking out the steak it’s important to pick a meat that is mostly solid red. The more marbled look it has, the higher fat content the meat has.

Remember, after handling meat, ALWAYS wash your hands before touching anything else. You don’t want to contaminate anything. It’s also important that you wash the cutting platforms. Bleach is probably the best possible cleaning agent.

Shrimp can be prepared easily because lots of shrimp come precooked. All you have to do is pull the tails off, if you don’t like the crunch.

All vegetables should be washed thoroughly before cutting. Cut them into similar sized pieces as the meat in order to make even kabobs.

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