What is: Pushup


The pushup is an upper body exercise that develops strength and endurance in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Bodyweight is typically the only resistance used during the pushup. You can add weight to the exercise by wearing a weight vest, or by placing a plate on your back.

To do the pushup first your must get into the pushup position. That entails placing your hands on the floor with your feet behind you, and your body in a straight line. The width of your hand placement can vary. If your hands are closer together you will work more triceps. If they are farther apart, you will place more stress on the chest. Lower your chest all the way to the ground while keeping your body as straight as possible. Then push yourself back up and straighten your arms all the way back out.

Pushups can also be utilized in a warm-up routine, especially if your workout will involve chest, shoulder, or triceps exer

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