What is: Russian Hops

russian hop

The russian hop works the legs and core. Typically it is done with body weight as the only resistance. You can add intensity by holding dumbbells in your hands or holding a barbell across your back. The exercise works on the explosive capacity of the leg muscles and it can also be done for endurance.

To do a russian hop, first take a step into the lunge position. If you have no weight in your hands, load your arms behind you. As you jump into the air shoot your arms above your head for momentum. You should land into another lunge with the opposite foot forward. By landing into another lunge it allows you to absorb the landing, and also get ready to go right back into another jump.

You should keep the repetition count low when weight is being used so technique doesn’t suffer, and the hops stay explosive. Body weight russian hops can be done until you’re more fatigued so that it benefits your cardio as well as strength.


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