What is: Stability Ball Ab Rollout

Stability Ball Ab Rollout

Stability ball ab rollouts is an exercise that works the full spectrum of your abdominal muscles. By moving the ball with your forearms in different directions it will activate certain regions of your core muscles.

First you have to pick out a stability ball. The bigger and firmer the ball, the easier the exercise will be. Conversely, a smaller soft ball will be slightly more difficult.

Start off by doing an ab plank on the stability ball. Your feet and knees should be on the floor with your forearms placed evenly on the ball. ALWAYS keep your body in a straight line when you’re in a plank of any kind.

Roll the ball out by pushing your elbows out and away from you. You’ll automatically feel your abs working. You only have to move the ball about 6 inches in any direction to activate your muscles.

Next you can do circles in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion. The side to side movements will activate the oblique muscles.

To make it more fun you can even spell your name out with your elbows. If you have a short name then just keep repeating it, or just add some more sets or reps to the workout.

To make the exercise a little more difficult, simply raise your knees off the ground so you’re in a full plank on the ball.

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