What is: Strength & Conditioning Coach

strength & conditioning coach

A strength and conditioning coach is very similar to a personal trainer. A strength coach works mostly with collegiate and professional athletic teams. In these settings they can sometimes specialize in training a certain sport. At the collegiate level strength coaches may have a main sport that they work with full time, and then two or three other sports teams that they work with in their spare time.

Strength and conditioning coaches must be efficient at training big groups. Football teams can have over 30 people working out at the same time. Usually strength coaches have assistant coaches that help them in those situations.

The facilities that these trainers work in are different than public gyms. They usually contain multiple olympic lifting platforms that are specific for athletic exercises. Normally a coach will attend their designated team’s competitions. At those times their duty is to warm-up and stretch the group of athletes to get ready and compete.

Most trainers have to intern at different institutions for many years before getting a job. In many cases it is a requirement to have a bachelors degree and multiple certifications as well.

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