What is: Toes To Bar

Toes To Bar

The toes to bar exercise is a movement that works mainly your abdominal muscles. It also requires arm strength due to the kipping motion.

The toes to bars are a popular exercise in Crossfit workouts. Typically you’ll use a pull-up bar to perform the exercise, but if you don’t have one readily available then a sturdy tree branch will do just fine.

Keep in mind that greater thickness of a bar makes it harder to hold on to.

Start off in a dead hang and then start a kipping motion by swinging your legs back and forth. As your legs go back your chest should swing forward bringing your head through your arms.

Initially get a few good swings in to build up some momentum. On an upward swing of your legs, bring your toes all the way up to the branch/bar that your hands are gripping.

As your legs swing back down go right into the next repetition.

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