How Can You Reduce Stress With 7 Easy Lifestyle Changes?

Are you drowning in a sea of stress? In today’s world there is so much hustle and bustle we barely have time to just sit down, relax, and reflect. I bet some of you reading this are stressed out and you don’t even realize it. It is easier than you think to train your body to deal with stress or reduce it all together. Here is how you can reduce stress with 7 easy lifestyle changes.


Exercise is one of the most underrated therapeutic things that you can do to reduce stress. First of all it distracts you from the sources of the stress. Secondly, it reduces blood pressure, which is a big plus for your overall health as well. Lastly, when you exercise at a high intensity it allows you to channel your frustrations into the exercise so you can get rid of it.

Even if you have a hard time lifting weights or doing intense training you can still exercise. Swimming, for example, is a great way to exercise for pregnant women and people who struggle with mobility. Floating in the water reduces the pressure on the body.

Taking classes like aerobics, spinning, yoga, and pilates all have a social aspect that gives the opportunity to workout with friends and meet new ones.


The source of stress is most often a mental state as opposed to a physical condition. The practice of meditation has been done in eastern cultures for centuries. Studies show that meditation has significant stress reduction characteristics. Meditation is a way to control, strengthen, and relax the mind.

Meditation takes time to master. Beginners should start by going to a meditation class, or an exercise class where it is performed. Yoga is a popular exercise class that typically has a meditation period at the end. The participants usually lay flat with their arms at their side, completely relaxed. The meditation practice during these classes mainly focuses on breathing and body awareness.

Meditation is often used in a religious or spiritual sense. It doesn’t need to be restrained to a meditation class or yoga class. After you get the hang of meditating, you can find your own quiet spot and meditate at anytime of the day. You can focus on mental relaxation, your own body, or simply spend time with the God of the universe.


Massage is another practice that has been done for generations. This reduces stress by the power of touch. There are many different types of massage. Some are very aggressive, and some are more gentle. There are massages that use pressure points in the feet, and some that use hot rocks.

The most popular massages are the simple kneading and rubbing of the skeletal muscles. This releases toxins from the muscle and any knots that may be causing tightness. Massage is not only good for mental relaxation. Your muscles can physically benefit a great deal from massage therapy because of the relief of soreness and tightness.

Get Rid Of Addictions

get rid of addictions
This world that we live in offers so many addictive substances that are promoted as relaxation tools. Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, are all substances that many people use to get away from the stress that they deal with on a daily basis. The reality is that too much of this has the opposite effect. These substances just mask the problem instead of eliminating it. Many times overuse of these substances can reduce health so that dealing with stress becomes an even bigger issue.

Some things are benign in moderation, but over the long term it is always good to be absent of addictions to anything. It is just another thing to think about, and when you can’t get your fix then it just adds to the original stressors.


In some severe situations, studies have shown that hypnosis is an effective way to train the mind to deal with stress. Hypnosis decreases cortisol levels that play a major roll in the feeling of stress. For this type of treatment you would most likely have to go to a professional. Hypnotherapists can flip your mind around and make it start thinking more positively in order to deal with the stressors.

Eat Healthy & Sleep More

Sleep More
A popular way to reduce calories throughout the day is to simply not eat. Not only does your metabolism suffer, but your mind can suffer as well. Studies have shown that people who don’t eat breakfast or lunch are at a higher risk of feeling stressed. Not eating, or eating poorly can make you feel run down and mentally exhausted. This will make you more susceptible to give in to the daily stressors of your job and life.

Lack of sleep is something that plagues almost everyone, everywhere at some point. For some people it happens more consistently than others. If you are tired it is way easier to get aggravated at small things.

Sometimes excessive stress can cause stress induced insomnia. If at all possible, make sure you prepare your body to sleep in the evening. Wind down with a hot bath or shower, and do any other rituals that will help you relax. Going to bed a little earlier can protect your mind against stress tremendously.

Get A Pet

get a pet
There have been many studies that support the idea that pets reduce stress levels. Caring for a pet that cares for you back, and petting an animal reduces cortisol levels and blood pressure.

If there are other ways that you deal with stress that you think others may want to know about then leave a comment about it. Everyone has some type of stress in their lives. I hope you can reduce your stress with these 7 easy lifestyle changes. If you are not sure about your diet, then check out All You Need To Know About The Practical Diet.

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