How Much Food Should You Eat Right Before A Workout?

Pre-workout nutrition has a significant effect on how you’ll perform. So how much food should you eat right before a workout? There’s a lot of conflicting opinion on the topic, so I recommend you “shop around” to hear multiple opinions. Then you can get a feel for how your body responds to pre-workout meals, because not everybody is the same when it comes to this. But Let me tell you the jist of a couple opinions, and then tell you what works for me.

Stomach Cramps Anyone?

It only makes sense that if you eat a ton too close to a workout, your stomach will let you know about it.

While your stomach is trying to digest and it’s getting shaken up, it can cause some serious cramps, bloating, and nausea. So make sure if you need to eat, you leave plenty of digestion time. 2 hours should be plenty of time.


Burn Fat While Fasting

The Australian Institute of Sport is a huge authority in sports nutrition and performance. They support the idea that if you workout while in a fasting state, your body will burn more fat.

This is because when your body is low on glycogen, it moves to the second best source of energy…..FAT!!! So if you want to burn body fat, it’s not a bad idea to go for a run in the morning while you have been fasting all night.

The only problem with working out in a fasting state is that some people (including me) can get dizzy and lethargic during an intense workout without something in their stomach.


Small Snack Is Key

If you’re like me and you need a little something to give you some energy, you have to know your body and how resilient your stomach is.

The safest way to go is by eating a really small snack about an hour before your workout. A piece of fruit, like a banana, would be a perfect option.

Just Have A Snack

Get a feel for how your body responds to pre-workout meals so you can decide whether you’re able to fast, or if you need a small snack.

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