How To Make A Home Gym With 6 Cheap Pieces Of Equipment

Are you one of those lucky people that are members at a gym that you absolutely LOVE going to? If you are one of the lucky ones that does, don’t take your situation for granted. Always be prepared with a location that you can have an emergency workout. Most of us have hectic daily lives with a tough schedules and sometimes it is hard to get to the gym. If you want to get serious about getting fit then it is definitely worth your while to prepare a location that you can workout when all else fails. Even if you already primarily workout at home or any other place outside the gym, you may find a few of these tips useful if you want to know how to make a home gym with 6 cheap pieces of equipment.

The first thing you should consider is the dimensions and makeup of the room. The flooring should ideally be hard, like wood or tile. Stay away from carpet because it will absorb your sweat and after a short period of time it will torture you with its stench. The room should be well ventilated – no one wants to workout in a stuffy room. A well lit space with windows and fans makes it easier to endure a tough workout. The ceiling needs to be high enough that you can jump comfortably without worrying about smashing your head or hands.

If you have time it could be a good idea to decorate your workout space with things that motivate you and keep you focused. In your mind, you need to identify it as a place that you can focus on your fitness goals without distraction from your busy life. Don’t clutter it with papers, mail, and office supplies. Painting the walls a bright color and pinning motivational posters up is a great way to remind yourself of what you set out to do. If you’re like me and blaring music gets you going, then its always good to have a radio handy with a bunch of your favorite songs.

Now you have to fill the room with adequate equipment to help you burn through a killer workout. Many of us don’t have the money to purchase and maintain heavy workout equipment like treadmills and multi-gyms. If that’s the case, use that equipment when your at the gym. Those big machines are great tools, but it can prevent a lot of headaches to just pay a gym membership and let them maintain that equipment. Theres plenty of other simple pieces of equipment that you can use at home to get the job done. These tools are all relatively cheap, and they won’t take up much room so you can keep your workout space nice and open:

foam rollerFoam roller – this tool is great for massaging the kinks out of your muscles and warming up before a workout. It helps with flexibility, muscle cramps, and the prevention of strains. It’s also good for post-workout recovery. It can be painful at first, but with consistent use it will become one of your best friends. Its the cheapest massage you can get. If you can’t find one online or in a sports retailer, buy a thick PVC pipe for 10$ from a hardware store. It might be a little more uncomfortable initially because its so hard, but after a week your muscles will feel rejuvenated because its so effective.

stability ball

Stability ball – a versatile tool that you can use for multiple exercises. You can use it to modify pushups, squats, and almost anything that involves your core. You can find one at virtually any sports store and even some department stores.

elastic bands

Resistance bands – these are a great substitution for weights because they can provide resistance in all the same movements that are done with weights. They are also light and easy to store. You can hang them on hooks on the wall, or put them in a duffle bag if you are planning on traveling with them.

dumb bells

Dumbbells – A home gym does not need to have a full rack of every dumbbell size. Pick a weight that is not too heavy and not too light. For most of us I would recommend somewhere in the 15 to 40 pound range. Having just one set of dumbbells that are not too heavy makes things easy. A dumbbell may also be used in place of kettle bells and medicine balls for most exercises.

medicine balls

Medicine ball – This heavy ball can be used to supplement the gyms equipment arsenal. A good medicine ball may be the most expensive thing on the list, but it will last you a lifetime. You can use it with the elastic bands or stability ball to make exercises harder. You can also slam the ball against the ground and throw it in the air in various ways to do more explosive exercises. A hard medicine ball can even be used in the same way as a foam roller to massage and knead your muscles.

yoga mat

Yoga Mat – It can be uncomfortable to sit and stretch on a hard floor so this makes it a little more comfortable. It also will keep you from slipping if there is sweat on the ground. You will find them close to the stability ball in most sports stores, and again, in many department stores.

There are plenty of other pieces of equipment that can complete your home gym. You can’t go wrong making a home gym with these 6 cheap pieces of equipment when you’re getting started, especially if you’re on a budget. They are all mobile so you can take them to a park or in the car on a road trip. They don’t take up a lot of room which makes it easy to keep your workout space nice and open. Remember to take care of your own equipment and keep it clean. Have cleaning wipes and a towel on stand by so your home gym can also be your own personal locker room. Now you’re ready to be Steady Strong even on a hectic day!!!  Leave a comment about your home gym, and how you like this equipment.

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