Is Fruit The Sidekick Or The Saboteur?

Yea fruit has more sugar than most other natural foods that you can find. That’s nothing new. There’s a lot of fitness professionals out there against the consumption of fruit because of the sugar levels. As if it’s some kind of terrible food in disguise. So is fruit the sidekick or the saboteur?

Fruit is not out to get you. Think of it as nature’s way to solve your sweet tooth problem. Let me clear the air around this topic once and for all:

So You’re Telling Me I Can’t Have Sugar…..But Fruit Has Sugar?

Just because fruit has sugar doesn’t make it bad. I know that sounds a bit contradictory, but hold on just a second before you start calling me crazy.

Table sugar and fruit sugar is basically made up of the same thing. It’s part glucose and part fructose.

Glucose starts to break down in the stomach and causes a spike in insulin levels. On the other hand, fructose gets sent to the liver to be broken down.

That still doesn’t mean that all sugar is created equal. On average, fruit has much more volume per gram of sugar compared to other sweet foods like ice cream and cake. It also has a bunch of other good stuff that comes along with it.

Fruits are packed with fiber that slow down the digestion of glucose. That prevents a huge spike in blood insulin levels. It also makes you feel fuller.

Fruits are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants that fight cancer causing free radicals. Table sugar is literally void of any additional nutrition.

Fruit And Sugar

What About The Calories?

Whole fruit servings usually have anywhere from 80 to 100 calories in them. Think about the alternative snacks that you could be munching on….You can easily find other snack foods that will rack up a few hundred calories.

Snacking on fruit won’t create a huge dent in your daily calorie allowance. If you’re really concerned, just replace some of the fruits that you eat with a vegetable instead. Vegetables are very low in calories and sugar.

If you’re not a huge veggie fan, then berries are usually a good option. They are generally lower in the sugar department.


Don’t believe the hype that you shouldn’t eat fruits because of the sugar content. Not all sugar is created equal. If you’re eating a diet filled with lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit, then you will get great results.

Fruits are definitely the sidekick and not the saboteur of your diet. Feel free to eat as much as you want. I would be more concerned with chips, cakes, and ice cream ruining your diet. I hope this article answered any questions that you might have had about fruit and it’s sugar content. Please share this on facebook with your friends. You might also be interested in The Secret To Stop Junk Food Cravings.

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