Putting The Ultimate Beginner Workout Together

You now have the very basic exercises that you can perform using only body weight. Now the best way to implement them into your daily life is putting the ultimate beginner workout together that will keep you on track. Then it will become a part of your daily schedule. In order to create a habit out of this, especially when you are just starting out, be active 6 days a week. That doesn’t mean that you have to beat your body up all of those days. Even if you are just stretching that is still keeping yourself focused on your body.

Since we haven’t talked about stretching yet, go check out the stretching videos to get some tips on the basics. This will be an important part of your workout because it keeps your body loose and it will speed up your recovery time when you are sore.

Before you do any exercising or stretching you also want to do a dynamic warm-up. This involves getting the body moving in order to increase temperature in your muscles. You need to be warm before you stretch or workout in order to prevent injuries like pulling muscles. It will also allow your muscles to function much more efficiently. Go check out a couple videos to give you an idea on how to warm-up properly.

Now let’s finally put a 1 week workout together that you can start off with. It is very non-specific. There are many ways to do this and I will give you more examples of workouts later. This is simply just to give you an idea:


Warm-up 10 minutes

Pushups 3×20

Lunges 3×20 (each leg)

Pull-up 3×10

Bridge 2x 1 minute

Bike 20 minutes

***** “3×20”, “3×10”, “2x 1minute” The first number is the amount of sets. The second is the amount of repetitions. For example, “3×20” is read, “3 sets of 20 reps”

***** The biking portion of the workout is the cardio. It can be done separately from the first portion which is the resistance training. For example, the biking can be done in the morning and the resistance training portion can be done in the afternoon.


Warm-up 10 minutes

Squats 3×20

Jumps 3×10

Chin-up 3×10

Glute bridge 2x 1 minute

Run/Jog 15 minutes


Warm-up 10 minutes

Stretch 20 minutes


Warm-up 10 minutes

Pushup 3×20

Tricep arm extension 3×10

Superman 3×20

Sit up 3×30

Sprints 6x approximately 40 yards.


Warm-up 10 minutes

Single leg squat 3×10 (each leg)

Jumps 3×10

Pull-up 3×10

Crunches 3×30

Bike 20 minutes


Warm-up 10 minutes

Stretch 20 minutes



This is an EXAMPLE of a simple workout plan that incorporates resistance training and cardiovascular training. Do not focus on the number of sets, repetitions, and time for each exercise that is in this example. Some of you will not be able to do the number of repetitions for all the exercises that are given. Don’t get frustrated or give up just yet!!!! If you can’t do any repetitions at all, then watch the videos on the exercise to see how you can make it easier on yourself. Your goal then, should be to get to the point where you CAN do a rep. If you can only do a couple repetitions and the workout says to do 10 or 20, then relax, take a deep breath, and do as many reps as you can. Even if it’s just one at a time. It is crucial to be honest with yourself. Don’t cheat yourself!!! For all of you more advanced people out there, if this is too easy then you can add sets and reps to each exercise. You can also add time to the cardiovascular portion of the workout. Remember this is just the beginning. Everything can be adjusted according to your personal fitness level.

This is just 1 week to get you started. If you are already efficient with all the exercises in this ultimate beginner workout, then just use this week to get going, and then next week head to the gym for some more challenging stuff that we will cover soon. You can do this workout for two, even 3 weeks if you want. Whenever you feel ready then you can switch it up, or start heading to the gym. Make sure to contact me with any questions that you may have.

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Adam is an athlete with a serious passion for fitness and health. He played basketball at University of Delaware and Stetson. His degree is in health science and he's a certified personal trainer who loves helping people reach their goals.