12 Unbelievable Health Advantages Of Lemons

When life gives you lemons…..use them! This super fruit has so many unbelievable benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. After reading these 12 unbelievable health advantages of lemons, you will want to go straight to the produce section of the grocery store and get a bag for yourself. If you don’t believe me then try it. You can get about 4 lemons for a dollar, so you really don’t have much to lose here.

1 – Eliminate Corns and Calluses

If you take care of your feet they will take care of you. It is extremely hard to be mobile with even the smallest corn or callus nagging your feet. From personal experience, they are extremely painful.

A great way to eliminate these problem areas is with a poultice of lemon. Apply a half inch poultice overnight and fasten it with a bandage. You may also want to use a Q-tip to dab the area with lemon essential oil which helps in the healing process.

2 – Remedy The Cold And Flu

When it comes to the cold, lemons have the power to heal your body internally and externally. Since lemons are packed with vitamin C it supplies your immune cells so they can respond effectively. Because of the antibacterial properties of the fruit, you can apply the juices to your sore throat that is often a symptom of the common cold.

As soon as you feel a hint of a cold coming on, give your body a boost of vitamin C by drinking the juice of 1 whole squeezed lemon mixed with warm water. Do this every two hours or so to get your body ready to fight the invading germs.

Along with a cold you may sense an incoming sore throat, or you may already feel like there is a porcupine in your airway. In this case add the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of salt to one cup of water. Gargle it 3 times a day or more to help get rid of the scratching pain in your throat. As you gargle tilt your head back so the antibacterial lemon juice can reach as far back in your throat as possible.

3 – Stop A Fever Dead In Its Tracks

There are plenty of things that could cause you to run a fever and have symptoms like the chills. Lemon has been used to calm these side effects of sickness for generations. Simply mix the juice from one whole lemon into warm water or tea, and then add honey. Sip on it until it’s gone. You can make a similar drink every few hours until you start to feel the symptoms calm down.

4 – Get Rid Of Canker Sores

Lemon juice is a proven antibacterial and antiviral. It can tremendously decrease the healing time of canker sores and blisters in the mouth.

Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with warm water. Rinse your mouth with this concoction 3 times a day. At first you may feel a slight burning sensation when the lemon juice contacts the sore. The more you rinse your mouth with it, the less burning you will feel. And you will notice a much faster healing process.

5 – No More Anxiety

There has been research done that shows lemon scent has a calming effect which therefore is capable of decreasing anxiety, dizziness, nervousness, and tension. The effects of inhaling lemon scented oil have been known to help increase concentration and alertness.
As a air freshener in offices or other rooms it can calm employees and increase the work efficiency

6 – Make Annoying Acne Disappear

The citric acid in lemons can be effective when it comes to treating acne. Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which helps skin look smooth and glow. The acidity level of the fruit kills many bacteria that are known for causing acne.

One way to cure acne with lemon juice is simply by drinking it in the morning. You can mix it with water or another beverage. Another trick is to apply fresh lemon juice on problem areas using a cotton ball or a finger. Leave it there overnight and wash it off in the morning. It may burn or be uncomfortable for a short time, but don’t worry, it will wear off quickly.

7 – Don’t Deal With Varicose Veins Anymore

Lemon oil has properties that have shown to strengthen blood vessels. You can mix lemon oil with almond oil and massage areas of your body that show varicose veins. You can also create a rejuvenating bath by mixing a bunch of lemon oil drops into your bath water.

8 – Strengthen Your Stomach

Drinking a glass of freshly squeezed juice of one whole lemon mixed into warm water can stimulate the production of stomach acid. It can also increase the activity of stomach muscles. Drinking this after each meal can stimulate your stomach to do its job more efficiently.

9 – Improve Hypertension

Along with garlic and onions, lemon has shown to be a powerful counterbalance to hypertension (high blood pressure). Garlic, onions and lemon go well together as added flavor for meals. It is very easy to add minced garlic, chopped onion, and multiple freshly squeezed lemons on top of baked fish, chicken, or salads. The three together are a powerful punch in the fight to decrease hypertension. The nutrients in lemons boost the metabolism and circulation, which also aids in decreasing cholesterol levels. Hypertension and high cholesterol often go hand in hand.

10 – Purify Your Breath

Bad breath can be caused by smoking, alcohol, poor salivation, or eating certain foods. Swishing around the juice of 1 lemon in warm water can help eliminate bad breath. After meals you can even chew on a whole lemon slice to freshen your breath.

11 – Reenergize

Lemon juice can be sucks straight out of the fruit through a straw if you can handle the tartness. It is a great refreshment used by travelers and explorers. It will boost your concentration and also it’s a great thirst quencher. If you are thirsty your brain won’t function as well.

Lemon scent is also a great way to wake up your senses. If you feel yourself dozing off or not focusing on something, smell the scent of lemon oil or drink a glass of lemon mixed with water.

12 – Obliterate Eczema

If you are dealing with a nagging, itchy skin infection like eczema, wrapping a lemon mixture around it may be your answer. Mix approximately 8 drops of lemon essential oil and a tablespoon of honey in 1 cup of warm water. Soak a cloth in the mixture. Wring out the cloth and place it on the infected area for about 15 minutes. You can repeat this process multiple times a day. It can ease the infection and sooth the itchiness.

Considering that you can get lemons for about 25 cents a piece, these 12 unbelievable health advantages of lemons are hard to match. If you like the sound of this tangy fruit then you might be interested in reading about how grapefruits can help you burn fat in this article – 5 Fat Burning Substances In Food That You Should Add To Your Diet. If you have used lemons to remedy other things, leave us a comment below and let us know how it worked out for you!

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