7 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Decrease Portion Sizes

Managing portion size can be a very difficult task. Especially when you are hungry, taking an oversized portion can be very tempting. Eating a lot at one time can promote fat storage and it can turn into a bad habit. Here are 7 unbelievably easy ways to decrease portion sizes so that you can cut calories out of your diet without even noticing.

Smaller Plates

Smaller plates make portions look bigger than they really are. You will tend to put less food on your plate right from the start. It is just a really simple optical illusion. You can fill up a hug plate with a ton of food and it won’t look like much. If you are struggling with portion sizes, the very first thing you should do is get rid of all your large dishes. At the very least push them to the back of your cupbords and only bring them out on Thanksgiving.
smaller plates


The color blue can naturally suppress your appetite. Since there are hardly any blue foods in nature our minds don’t associate food with the color blue. A blue light in the fridge and blue dishes may trick your mind into eating less. If there is one food that you tend to eat more of, you can even try putting blue food dye into it. Some studies done with the color blue have shown that it can make people eat 33% less food.

Drink Water

Water is a drink with zero calories, and its also essential to life. It has numerous health benefits and it can also curb your appetite by simply taking up room in your stomach. If you get a craving for food, or you feel a little hungry just drink some water. Filling up on water before you fill up your plate will keep you from eating as much.
drink water

Eat Fiber

Foods high in fiber can fill you up more easily. Fiber is more difficult to digest so it takes longer and keeps you feeling satiated longer. It can also expand in your stomach which will make less room for other food. Some fiber filled foods are dried fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, etc.


Drink a cup of coffee or tea when you know a meal is coming up. Caffeine has a tendency to suppress appetite. It will also increase your metabolism which will burn calories in itself. Don’t add sugar if you are trying to lose weight. Caffeine will also give you a spark of energy that may motivate you to take a trip to the gym instead of eating a huge meal.

Eat Slowly

Eating slowly can fill you up faster. It takes about 10 minutes for you brain to register that your stomach is full after eating. If you eat slower and give your body time to register the food in your stomach you may realize that you are fuller than you thought you were.

Don’t think about eating slowly. Just think about enjoying your food as you taste it and chew it. This can also prevent stomach aches and cramping because well chewed food takes some of the work load of the digestive system.
eat slowly

Think About A Second Serving

As you are filling your dish with food, tell yourself that you will come back for a second serving. That way you don’t have to put as much food on your plate. You may be surprised at how full you are after just one serving. Obviously you can only do this at home or in a buffet line. If you are eating at a restaurant, still keep in mind that you can ask for a to-go box and save some for later. Most likely the food that you receive at a restaurant is more than one portion size.
second serving

Every time you practice these 7 unbelievably easy ways to decrease portion sizes, you will get better at them. You can stop worrying so much and start to finally enjoy your food. As you gradually get better at disciplining yourself you will learn how much food you actually need to sustain yourself, as opposed to, eating until all the food is gone. Leave a comment below and let me know how these tips work for you. Water not only helps control portion sizes. Go check out 10 reasons why water is the ultimate health booster.

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