7 Items That Will Upgrade Your Gym Bag

If you want to workout like the pros, then never go to the gym empty handed. Bring a gym bag and fill it with tools that will help you have the most successful workout possible. Going to the gym without a bag of gear is like a magician going to a show without his bag of tricks. It just won’t be the same. You don’t have to creepily spy on other gym goers to see what’s in their bags. Here are 7 items that will upgrade your gym bag.

Supplement Shaker

One of the most useful tools you can own is a supplement shaker. It allows you to make pre-workout drinks on the go in order to motivate you for the workout. Then immediately after the workout you can make your own recovery drink that will help you recover faster. Also, instead of constantly buying bottles of water you can just keep filling this thing up at the water fountain. supplement shaker

Workout Clothes

To workout you obviously should be wearing the proper attire. Workout clothes should be comfortable to move around in. It can be tight or loose, but it should not be restricting. A great example of a workout T-shirt for men is this Under Armour shirt. Guys can also wear tank tops. Women may choose to wear sports bras, tank tops, or loose T-shirts. A popular item of gym clothes for both sexes is spandex. workout clothes

Training Shoes

Just like workout clothes you should always wear the proper footwear in the gym. NEVER wear sandals or any other open toed shoes. You always want your toes covered for some protection in case some lose gym equipment hits your feet. It is also very hard to be active in sandals because they easily fall right off, and they have almost no support. Minimalistic shoes have become increasingly popular, especially in the Crossfit world. Your shoes should resemble your goals. If you do lots of olympic lifts then you may want to invest in lifting shoes. If you are planning on doing explosive lateral movements, then you need shoes that have support on the sides. The minimalistic shoes are great for running. training shoes

Heart Rate Monitor & Timer

The heart rate monitor are probably most popular among runners and bikers, so they can track their target heart rate. Even if you are doing a lift circuit that gets your heart rate up it can be very useful. These items also come with a watch and stop watch timer. With a timer you can manage your time for each part of your workout. You can also do workouts against the clock, and manage your rest periods.HR monitor and timer

Exercise Log

An exercise log is especially good for beginners. It does not have to be fancy at all. Most people use just a simple notebook with the standard lines in it. You can write down what exercises you did that day and what weight you used. This way you can look back and track your progress. You can also look back and see what you did at the beginning of the week to make sure you are giving certain muscle groups the right amount of attention.exercise log

Gym Towel

Always be courteous to the people around you, especially if you are a big sweater. It’s also uncomfortable to have sweat pouring into your eyes. With a towel you can make yourself and other people at the gym happy.gym towel


It can be really hard to workout especially if the gym that you go to doesn’t play music that you like. You can try to block it out, but it may be easier to just load up an Ipod or other mp3 player with your favorite tunes. Music that you like will get you pumped up for those heavy sets. It can also keep your mind off of the fatigue during cardio. music player

Not all gym bags will look the same. They should have the proper tools for your specific needs and style of training. I hope these 7 items will help you upgrade your gym bag so you can have more efficient workouts. If you want to find out some additional items that are included in my gym bag then you can leave a comment or message me on the Facebook page.

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Adam is an athlete with a serious passion for fitness and health. He played basketball at University of Delaware and Stetson. His degree is in health science and he's a certified personal trainer who loves helping people reach their goals.