8 Techniques To Stay Motivated For Workouts

Leading a life dedicated to fitness and health is not always easy or fun. There are times where you will be sore, tired, or just flat out don’t feel like working out. Sometimes you may stumble and even back-track instead of making progress. Don’t get frustrated and just realize that this is a lifelong journey. Use these 8 techniques to stay motivated for workouts and moving forwards.

1 – Set A Goal

If you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish you increase your chances of finding yourself there, one way or another. Clear goals in the short term and long term keep you accountable. It will tell you when you need to push harder, and when you are doing a good job.

If you don’t have clear goals in mind how will know where you are going, or when you will get there? A short term goal may be to lose 2 pounds in a week or make healthy dinners for yourself 5 nights in a week. Long term goals may be to complete a marathon, lose a certain amount of weight, or reach a certain level of strength.
set goals

2 – Make A Schedule

Organize a schedule on a calendar or planner. Write it down along with other responsibilities that you have to do everyday. Not only is this good time management, but you are less likely to back out of a workout if there is a designated time for it everyday. If you have trouble keeping time for yourself, hire a trainer. Part of their job is to keep you on a set schedule and keep you accountable for that time. Working out at specific times everyday will build it into a habit.
set a schedule

3 – Find Something That You Like

Joining a kickboxing class is a great idea for cardio training, but not if you hate it. If you don’t enjoy something then you are more likely to quit on it. If you like something you will be more invested into it and give it your best effort. Even the things that you like will get tough every once in a while. But you are more inclined to stick it out.

There are literally hundreds of things that you can do for fitness so you are bound to find something enjoyable if you take a serious look. Fitness doesn’t only come from gym equipment and machines. You may find enjoyment in hiking, skateboarding, spin class, canoeing, or rock climbing. Try things out until you find an activity that is fun.
Find Something That You Like

4 – Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress will show you how far you have come since you started. Seeing results can be enough in itself to make you want more. Some simple ways to track progress are getting on a scale, measuring your waist line, calculating a rep max, or take before and after pictures of yourself.
track progress

5 – Get Some Cool Fitness Gear

Purchasing a comfy pair of shoes, or workout clothes will give you a reason to train. If you buy something that you are excited about, chances are you are going to find a way to use it. The article, 7 Items That Will Upgrade Your Gym Bag, may give you some ideas.
get a cool wardrobe

6 – Place Reminders Around Your Home

Reminding yourself to stay focused can come in so many different forms. The easiest way is to find favorite motivational quotes and place them on sticky notes on the fridge or bathroom mirror. Here are 15 Motivational Fitness Quotes to get you started.

You can also get more creative. For the ladies, go shopping for a dream dress that is the size you want to fit into. Then hang it in your room where you can see it everyday. The men may not get as motivated by fitting into clothes. Another idea is to find posters of role models and hang them on your room wall.

You can also find an event to train for, and pin the flyer on the wall to remind yourself what you are training for. Here are 5 Fitness Events That Make Workouts Exciting, just to give you some ideas.
Hang Up Reminders Of Your Goal

7 – Get Family And Friends Involved

If the people you care about and see everyday are doing it with you, chances are it will be a lot more fun. You can also keep each other motivated and accountable. At the very least spread the word about your fitness goals and ask for support. It’s much easier when you have people behind you cheering you on. Here is an article that shares 7 Fun Ways To Get Your Whole Family Active.
Get Family And Friends Involved

Reward Yourself

When you reach a goal, or make significant progress, give yourself a reward. The reward doesn’t have to be food. Every once in a while you can treat yourself to a cheat meal that goes against your diet. Don’t make that a habit though. Think outside the box. A reward can also be a massage, pedicure, shopping spree, or mini vacation. Always give yourself some positive reinforcement but make sure you earn it first.
reward yourself

Working out, like anything else, may not always be fun. It can be redundant, tiresome, and make you sore. So follow these 8 techniques to stay motivated for workouts. If you liked this article please share it on facebook. I hope this helps you stay on track in order to meet your goals!

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Adam is an athlete with a serious passion for fitness and health. He played basketball at University of Delaware and Stetson. His degree is in health science and he's a certified personal trainer who loves helping people reach their goals.