7 Useful Tips To Staying Fit In The Office

The office is a breeding ground for illnesses of all types. Every year employers lose over $61 billion dollars due to decreased productivity caused by sickness. Sitting down all day at a desk and doing work on a computer takes a toll on your body and mind, but there are many ways to prevent it. You can stay healthy and keep your body running smoothly by using these 7 easy tips to staying fit in the office. They are all exceptionally easy to do and most of them won’t cost you a single penny.

1 – Take The Long Way

Even though you may do a lot of work sitting behind a computer, it’s not hard to get moving before and after work. Always park in a farther location so it gives you a chance to walk a little bit. If you’re really serious about your fitness you can even bike to work and save some gas.

While you’re at work always take the stairs instead of an elevator when you’re running errands around the office. Taking the longer way around the office will allow you to get some extra movement.

take the long way

2 – Set Alarms

One of the easiest things you can do to help yourself out is to set alarms on your phone to remind yourself to get up and move around. Studies show that being seated for 2 hours or more reduces metabolism and fat burning enzymes.

To prevent yourself from sitting too long, simply set alarms in your phone that go off every 2 hours or less. This way you don’t have to think about when to get up and move around. This will also increase your productivity. Your brain needs breaks about every hour and a half to stay focused.

set alarms

3 – Seated Stretches

If you’re glued to your office desk don’t let that stop you from doing some stretches to keep your blood circulating. You can do many stretches while you’re in your seat at work. Take a look at some stretches on the SteadyStrength Youtube Channel. You can do many of them while seated or even standing right at your desk.

seated stretches

4 – Standing Desk

Look into getting a standing desk. They have become increasingly popular, especially due to the studies that show sitting for long periods is terrible for your health. Standing desks come in many varieties. Some come with seated and standing options. If you’re more gung ho about it, you can even get a standing desk that allows you to walk on a treadmill as you work.

Standing up even for short periods can increase your productivity and attention span. It increases blood circulation and metabolism. It’s worth while to at least give it some consideration.

standing desk

5 – Portable Equipment

If you get a short break, make sure you have some simple equipment near by so you can do a quick 10 minute workout. You don’t need to make it complicated. Small dumbbells, resistance bands, and a yoga mat are all you need, and they are easy to store.

To get some ideas on equipment that you can use, check out How To Make A Home Gym With 6 Cheap Pieces Of Equipment. You can use most of the same equipment in your home or office to get quick and effective workouts.

portable equipment

6 – Healthy Snacks

One of the most crucial things you have to do to prevent from gaining extra pounds is watching your diet. Offices are notorious for have donuts, chips and other junk food laying around.

It can be extremely tempting to snack on junk at the office, so reduce the inclination to do that by bringing your own snacks to work. Some tasty option can be found right here in 9 Foods That Prevent An Afternoon Slump. They are all easy to prepare and take with you.

healthy snack

7 – Prepare A Gym Bag

Always have a gym bag filled with the necessities to get a sweat going. Don’t go home from work without stopping at the gym first.

The work day can produce a lot of stress, and there is no better way to relief than lifting some weights or running.

If you want to know what I keep in my gym bag, take a look at the7 Items That Will Upgrade Your Gym Bag. You can’t go wrong with these!

gym bag

I hope you find the 7 tips to staying fit in the office, a helpful way to keep yourself feeling healthy. If you want to find out the secret to burning extra calories, take a look at 8 Ways To Burn Calories Without Stepping Foot Into A Gym. If you liked this article please share it on facebook or twitter with your followers.

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